How quickly can my prints be ready?

In some cases, prints can be developed same or next day if needed for tight deadlines, otherwise, within a few days.


How much do print development services cost?

We strive to offer competitive prices whether you need one-time services, or ongoing CAD support. After meeting with you we can  give you an accurate estimate, and find a solution to meet your budget needs.



We work with top fashion brands and fashion designers in developing pints that will help make their collections shine from the runway to retail. We work with costume designers to develop prints and digitally print fabric for character costumes that stand out on the Broadway stage, tv, and film. We work with interior designers to develop prints and digitally print fabric for hospitality and home furnishings.

Our clients know that they can trust us to turn-around their projects accurately and quickly for tight production schedules. So whether you are an emerging design talent or seasoned professional, we want to be part of your creative team.

The Process

It’s simple —  We can come to you, or you can come to our studio to talk about your project, and if you’re under a tight deadline we’ll start working immediately to get your prints designed as quickly as possible.  Whether you need multiple colorways, scale change, repeat, or something completely new — we’ve got you covered.

Our talented team of artists have excellent color-matching skills and can develop original artwork or work from your vintage or archived fabric to make something fresh.  We will give you high-resolution files in accurate repeat and indexed, or we will print fabric for you if you’d like.

How will my prints be delivered?

After your print is approved we give you a print-out with PMS or color builds, and a high-resolution digital file.


Is my artwork protected?

We use the utmost discretion to protect your privacy  and your original artwork, and never share it with anyone outside our team.



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