We offer various types of printing processes — acid, pigment, and heat transfer. You are able to choose from our in-stock fabrics from cotton, linen, rayon, polyester, nylon, silk or print from your own custom fabric.

We have great color matching services and make it our highest priority to deliver excellent quality with the fastest local turnaround times in the industry.


We offer very competitive pricing. Contact us so that we can review your project to provide an accurate estimate.


The Process

Before everything else, it’s important to keep in mind the actual end product for the fabric in use. This part affects the print scale, color coherency, and fabric types.



We try our best to complete the print as quickly as possible, but there are certain variables that can affect the process.

1) Color All files are color-matched. In order to get the actual color chosen to show up as the same onto the fabric, we color-match the files. Each hue, tone, and shade adds to the number of colors and adds more time to the process.

2) File Perfection We know everyone has a busy life and sometimes you may forget to double check the size, dpi, repeat, etc. When we open the file we try to make sure everything is correct and confirm all the information before we print. A strike off is provided for your approval before we print.

3) Fabric Order and Treatment We have commonly used fabrics, but for custom fabricrications we will need to order a roll which can take a day or two for shipment. In other cases, you may provide in your own fabric. Sometimes those will have to go through treatment, which will add more time to the process.


Design Integrity

Print Design is used everywhere from fashion, homes, packaging, etc. and most of them are copyrighted. Most people sell their designs or license for use. If you purchase original artwork, AMP NYC Design is not liable for any copyright issues on files submitted.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is one yard per file and per fabric.


What is the turn-around time?

After the file has been received and approved for printing the turn around time is 1–5 business days. Rush orders are available for an additional cost.


Are you able to put my design in repeat?

Yes, we are able to create the design to repeat. There is a charge for this service which depends on difficulty of design.


Do you carry any ready-to-print fabrics?

Yes, we recommend using our in-stock fabric as they are pre-treated for our specific printers. You can make an appointment and we will show you samples.


What is color matching and why do I need it?

It is important to color-match the file to the choice of fabric as it will provide the most accurate colors. There will always be limitations to the ink colors on fabrics. For example, it is near impossible to print neon colors as vibrant on fabric. Color-matching also makes it easier to make any color changes for different color schemes. Without a color-matching file, we will print the file as is.




Compared to screen printing and steaming, digital printing is faster and more environmentally friendly. We use eco-friendly inks and try to create little waste as possible.


Why Digital Printing?

Compared to the other options, Digital Printing is a quicker process. Compared to silk screen printing, digital printing allows for greater detail.


Types of Fabric Printers

Colorfast Textile Pigment Printing for cotton, silk, and linen is fine for washable, dry-clean, ironing, and ready for cut and sew.


Dye Sublimation Ink Printing is good for any polyesters, washable, dry-clean, steaming, and ready for cut and sew.


Paper Printing

We also offer plotter printing services for large scale paper prints. The max size of the paper is 44 inches.


Mass Production

Although we do some printing right here in New York City for smaller orders, we outsource larger and mass production of digital fabric printing just outside of the city. We handle all the communications so you don’t have to go through the hassle. We also have partners overseas.


What is the maximum fabric size that I can print on?

Please look at our fabric list for in-stock width sizes as each fabric differs. For fabrics that you provide we are able to roll in 58 inch width size fabrics but will only be able to print on 54 inch width of that fabric.


Can I get a sample print?

At this moment, we don’t offer free sample prints. We can provide strike-offs but there is a cost for that service. Please contact us for details.


What are your prices?

Our prices ranges depending on fabric, file design, and bulk order.

Prices can be negotiable so please contact us for more information.



The fabrics listed below are the available in-stock fabrics. We can treat and print on purchased fabrics.

• Turn around time is 1-5 days.

• Minumum 1 yard.

• Pricing varies on bulk order, fabric choice, and project.

• Other sizes and weights available for order. Please contact for inquiries.



Cotton Twill | 7 oz | 44 in

Cotton Duck | 8 oz | 44 in

Cotton Duck | 10 oz | 44 in

Cotton Percale | 44 in

Cotton Sateen | 44 in

Cotton Sheeting | 44 in

Heavy Cotton Single Knit | 140 gsm | 44 in

Spun Viscose Challis | 44 in

Artist Canvas 6.5 oz | 44 in

Artist Canvas (Made in USA) | 10 oz | 44 in

Raw Organic Canvas | 8 oz | 44 in

Raw Canvas (Made in USA) | 10 oz | 44 in

Cotton Lawn | 44 in

Cotton Muslin | 44 in

Cotton Shirting | 44 in



100% Belgian Linen Ivory | 5.5 oz | 44 in

Soft White Linen | 3 oz | 44 in

Natural Linen | 5.5 oz | 44 in

Oatmeal Linen 5.5 mm | 44 in

100% Hemp | 5.3 oz | 44 in




Silk Habotai | 10mm | 36 in

Silk Crepe de Chine (CDC) 16mm | 36 in

Silk Charmeuse 19mm | 36 in

Silk Charmeuse Lycra 19mm | 38 in

Silk Satin 12mm | 36 in

Silk Twill 14mm | 36 in

Silk Chiffon 8mm | 36 in

Crinkled Chiffon 5mm | 36 in

Silk Organza 8mm | 36 in

Crepe Georgette 10mm | 36 in

Silk Gauze 3.5mm | 36 in

Indian Dupion 19mm | 36 in

Chinese Dupion 19mm | 36 in

Silk Fuji Broadcloth | 36 in




Poster Fabric | 36 in

Soft Poly Mesh | 36 in

Polyester Banner | 36 in

Polyester Satin | 38 in

High Point Polyester Poplin | 36 in

Matte Polyester Poplin | 36 in

Soft Handed Sueded Micro Fiber Polyester | 36 in

Medium Luster Polyester Broadcloth | 36 in

Classic Polyester Taffeta | 36 in

Polyester Flag (Flame Retardant) | 36 in

Double Polyester Georgette | 36 in

Polyester Interlock Knit (ITY) 2700 | 36 in

Heavy Polyester Interlock Knit | 36 in

Polyester Chiffon | 36 in

Polyester Micro Velour | 44 in

Polyester Knitted Voile (Flame Retardant) | 44 in



Nylon Lycra 80% nylon 20% lycra | 5.4oz | 36 in


Nylon Lycra 83% nylon, 17% lyca | 7oz | 36 in