We offer various types of printing processes — digital, acid, pigment, and heat transfer. You are able to choose from our in-stock fabrics from cotton, linen, rayon, polyester, nylon, silk or print from your own custom fabric. We have great color-matching services and quality is our highest priority with the fastest local turnaround times in the industry. Compared to screen printing and steaming, digital printing is faster and more environmentally friendly. We use eco-friendly inks and try to create little waste as possible.

The Process

Before everything else, it's important to keep in mind the actual end product for the fabric in use. This part affects the print scale, color coherency, and fabric types.



We try our best to complete the print as quickly as possible, but there are certain variables that can affect the production time.

1) We have excellent color matching capability. In order to get a specific desired color on fabric, we can color-match your file. Each hue, tone, and shade adds to the number of colors and adds more time to the process. Our machines produce excellent color, so if you don’t need to match a branded color you may not need to match to each.

2) File Perfection. Please don’t forget to double check the size, dpi, repeat, etc. When we open the file we try to make sure everything is correct and confirm all the information before we print.  If you need help in this area, we can make sure that your print is in repeat and adjust any color if needed.

3) Fabric  and Treatment. We have a large selection of in-stock fabrics, and if we don’t have what you are looking for we can usually source it locally or have shipped overnight from the mill. In some cases, you may bring in your own fabric, and if the fabric is not a poly it may have to be treated which adds a little extra time to the project.


Design Integrity

Print Design is used everywhere for fashion, costume design, home furnishings, packaging, etc. and most designs are copyrighted intellectual property owned by a designer or artist. Most people sell their designs and license for use. If you purchase original artwork from another company, AMP NYC Design is not liable for any copyright issues on files submitted. We also have original prints that we have designed and can offer to you, or we can provide custom print development for you.

Why Digital Printing?

Compared to screen printing digital printing is faster and more environmentally friendly. We use eco-friendly inks and try to create little waste as possible.cess. Digital printing allows for more colors to be used with greater detail.  Digital printing yields vibrant colors on most polys and silks.

We have fluorescent inks to print fabric that has very bright colors in the print. So if you want something that really POPS, this is a great solution when using Pantone colors.


Banner Printing

We also offer printing services for banners or any larger scale prints.


Mass Production

Although we do most printing right here in the Garment District in New York City, we outsource LARGE and mass production of digital fabric printing to a company in the northeastern United States. We handle all the communications and print management so you don't have to go through the hassle.


WhAt is the minimum order?

The minimum order is one yard per file and per fabric.


What is the maximum yardage order?

We can handle any size order you need. Larger orders need longer production time, but we can typically print 100 yards in a few days. Please contact us to discuss your project.


What is the turn-around time?

After the file has been confirmed for printing, the turn around time is typically 1– 5 days. We strive to turnaround printing projects as quickly as possible.


Are you able to print my design in repeat?

Yes, we offer a full range of print development services and can put your design into repeat, change color ways, index colors — whatever you need for your fabric  printing project.


Do you carry any ready-to-print fabrics?

Yes, we recommend using our in-stock fabrics as they are pre-treated for our specific printers. You can make an appointment to come in and see samples. We can also source fabrics that we don’t have in stock, or you can provide fabric. We will have to test any fabric that you provide to see if it will print as is or it may need to be treated.



What is color matching and why do I need it?

Some clients request color-matching and others don’t need or want it. If it is important to color-match to your file or Pantone color, the choice of fabric very important as some poly and silk fabrics hold color better than other natural fiber fabrics.  There will always be limitations to the ink colors on fabrics but we have fluorescent inks that can print very brightly on poly and silk fabrics.


What is the maximum fabric size that I can print on?

We are able to roll in 58" width size fabrics but will only be able to print on 54" width of that fabric.


Can I get a sample print?

We offer a complimentary strike-off with your fabric yardage printing order.


What are your prices?

Our prices ranges depending on fabric, file design, coverage, and volume order.  Also, if you become a client who uses our services on a regular basis we can talk about special pricing.

If color-matching is needed for branded colors or you require specific colors, the price for color-matching is $25 per color with flat rate of 12 colors or more.

We strive to offer solutions to work within any reasonable budget, so please contact us to discuss your project.



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